2BMO for all your translations

My name is Michelle Oonincx. I’m a bilingual Dutch and English translator, and 100% native in both. Born and bred in Canada by a British mother and a Dutch father, I have spoken both languages all my life. Moreover, I enjoyed my education in both Canada and The Netherlands. And last but not least, I have over 15 years of experience.

I founded 2BMO translation services in 2008, confident that I could be a tremendous asset to businesses and individuals when it comes to your translations. Because I understand both languages so well, I am capable of not just translating a text literally, but more importantly, I will convey your message exactly the way you intend it to come across!

Thanks to my background, training and extensive experience, my company 2BMO can provide excellent translations for all your communications. Each text is different, every customer unique. Delivering professional translations means offering high-quality work tailored to your (corporate) style and image - topped off with excellent service. Rates depend on size, content and the required delivery date. 

You might be wondering where the name of my company comes from and what it means. In fact, it's a combination of my initials (Michelle Oonincx), my previous company's name (Bureau voor Management Ondersteuning) and the fact that this is my second company. You could read it as either 'to be' Michelle Oonincx or as 'BMO part 2'.


Due to globalization, modern forms of communication and the increasing melting pot character of today's society, businesses are looking for excellent translations. By adding an English translation to your website, for instance, your chances of reaching your target audience will increase considerably. If you are looking for a professional, high-quality, precise translation of your communications, at 2BMO, you've come to the right address. 2BMO does not literally translate your texts, we will convert your message the way you intend it to be!


It can be hard to put your thoughts and ideas to paper, especially in a different language. If this sounds familiar, or if you're simply pushed for time, don't hesitate to contact 2BMO to check what you've written for grammar, content and style. Perhaps you're not at all confident about writing in another language than your own and prefer to use a machine translation. In that case, just send your output to 2BMO, and we will post-edit it to ensure the end result is a highly readable, grammatically correct document. The rates for post-editing are lower than for translations and slightly higher than for editorial assignments.